Friday, December 14, 2007

New Water Taxi Dock - Comments from Bruce Becker & Steve Shane

The following are e-mails I received today upon specific requests for comments to both RIOC President Steve Shane and Bruce Becker of Becker and Becker and Octagon LP.

From: "Stephen Shane"
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 12:30:42

"RIOC Is delighted that another mode of transportation will be available for Roosevelt Island and will do whatever it can to promote its successful implementation.

The design for the dock facility has not been reviewed by RIOC but we will require obtaining the neccessary permits, licenses and approvals from the various City, State and Federal authorities having jurisdiction.

We have only had a support role so far. We approved the concept and urged the City Office of Emergency Management to get behind the application, which it did. We encouraged Congresswoman Maloney*s support."

- - - -

From: "Bruce Becker"
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 11:27:21
Subject: RE: Octagon Dock Approval

"Hello Eric,

Yes, we are very pleased to be near the end of an exhaustive permitting process. The Army Corp permit was the last in a series of permits which were difficult to obtain, including a tidal wetlands permit from the DEC, a Coastal Zone consistency determination from the New York State Department of State, as well as a permit from New York City department of small business. This has been more than a two and a half year process including about six months spent designing dock improvements. Representative Maloney was very helpful in moving this process forward. We still have to work out funding agreements with the NYCEDC to utilize Federal funds which were secured for the purpose of making dock improvements by Representative Maloney, and arrange for required operating support for the water taxi operations.

We've been in discussions with New York Water Taxi for the last three years about bringing service to Roosevelt Island and adding our stop to planned routes up the East River. When service is established we expect to have service running to 34th Street and Wall Street. Eventually we hope there are many more options.

-Bruce "

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  1. Hallelujah - Thank God and whatever other appreciation to the powers beyond I can utter.

    It is stunningly obvious that we need a water based transportation system. I have been beyond amazed how people deny that.

    No of course it isn't going to perfect - but - it is another way off the Island in an emergency, in overcrowing and from another part of the Island.

    I for one will absolutely plan my schedule both around the water taxi and to wherever it drops me off.

    - another reason I love the Octagon and those who have developed it!