Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Day for Family Chanukkah Gatherings on Roosevelt Island

Yesterday evening, Saturday, December 8, 2007, a family / community menorah lighting was held on Roosevelt Island in front of Blackwell House. The event was well attended and children young and old were all treated to complimentary Chanukkah gelt, dreidels, as well as latkes courtesy of Rabbi Zalman Duchman (Chabad of Roosevelt Island) and his family. You have got to love the hurricane lanterns used to shield the flames for each of the candles. The evening was perfect weather wise and the views of Manhattan and the River from Blackwell House as always spectacular. Some of the smaller kids found themselves running around the menorah and the neighboring Christmas tree.

The Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation earlier in the afternoon also held a fun filled Chanukkah party following their morning Shabbat service, lead by Rabbi Leana Moritt, where the children acted out a play explaining the meaning of the various symbols of the holiday and who the main players are in the Chanukkah story.

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