Monday, July 14, 2008

Simply One Perturbed Bridge

Perturbed Bridge

The Roosevelt Island Bridge has never gotten any real respect from New York City. Sure it's very construction in the 1950's was a landmark event resulting in trolley cars being displaced off the larger Queensboro Bridge and an upside down elevator building was made obsolete.

But since those halcyon days it had to deal with comments in recent years that it was simply the "Pink Bridge" by many of Roosevelt Island's children so I guess when it finally was given a canvas it was bound to show its true feelings, and even though it is finally undergoing a new paint job and will be given new decking among other upgrades, it simply was one perturbed bridge.


  1. It's bette than the "Grand Dragon" out fit that resembles a KKK white hood over the 59th Street Bridge

  2. Its the red bridge not the pink bridge