Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing Person: 15 Year Old Roosevelt Island Resident

According to the flyers posted this morning around Roosevelt Island a 15 year old named Michelle Lopez has been missing since 12:32 am. If this is correct the flyers were posted within 8 hours of her disappearance. Calls into both PSD and the 114 Precinct NYPD have not yet determined if the girl has been found at this time.
Per the flyer, Ms. Lopez is 15 years old, of Hispanic heritage, 5'6" in height, 140 lbs., has short red hair, brown eyes.


  1. I always thought you have to wait a day or two before you can claim a person to be missing. That girl probably took off with her boyfriend/girlfriends and will be back in a few hours.

  2. What's with all those spelling errors on that flyer? Considering that this was done by the PSD this is rather embarrassing.