Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday's Goodwill Event & Advertising

The difference between a good event and a truy successful event is advertising. Attendance at the Goodwill event at Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park from all reports can only be characterized as light. While posters first appeared easily three weeks ago there was little followup and the organizers may have been unaware of how often the poster kiosks are cleaned.

Organizers and participating organizations were very often left with a multitude of excess flyers and freebies which were available to the public. As differing groups packed up for the day it bordered on amusing as each tried to give away last minute bags to individuals sitting / working at tables who had themselves not yet packed up.

The setting could not have been nicer for the event as the humidity was low and a nice easy breeze crossed the park. I cannot say how successful the day was overall as I only showed up at 2pm to work at the local Historical Society table and we packed up at 3pm as very few individuals stopped by and those that did were hoping we were giving away for free the lanyards, books and bags that we were selling to benefit the Historical Society.p>

Hopefully Roosevelt Island gets the chance to host this event again in the future and all parties learn to keep the advertising in the public's mind and face.

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  1. We've always had the thrift store down the road where we can get rid of unwanted clothes and other things. I am not sure, given the (small) size of Roosevelt Island, if a donation drive like the one from last weekend will ever be a success here.