Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Parking Spots? Blame Zip Car Event

This morning while walking on my way to the Tram I noticed that Zip Car had taken up three to four spots on Main Street down by Southtown. I am assuming this is just for temporary promotion purposes. For RIOC and PSD to agree to give up these spots when parking is already tight on this island would make no sense.

According to Keith Guerra, Director of Public Safety, the spots used by Zip Car have not been permanently assigned to them. So for now SouthTowners excited about the possibility of vehicles being available nearby will continue to need to go up to the Octagon to rent these vehicles.


  1. Zip Car now has three cars parked at Motorgate, too. Two Scion xBs and one Toyota Matrix.

  2. Are there car owners & car renters on the Island who would like to Join a Share a Ride pool?

    I know several people who wouldn't mind additional income to defray the coast of parking, insurance and maintenance and several others who wish they could sometimes have the use of a car.

    I also know at least one person who offers rides to the Airports and would be delighted if people paid a nominal amount for his services.

  3. What am I missing here? Having a zipcar available should in total REDUCE the number of cars on the island that need a 24/7 place to park! ... that is the whole idea!

    In fact, maybe the island should allow ONLY zip cars.

    It kills me how provincial people can be here! We gave up our car when we moved here precisely because we had zip cars available - it is cheaper and better for everyone. Use your heads!

  4. This is still the US of A and Americans LOVE their cars. Big city or not. Wasting money and resources or not. Destroying nature or not. As long as they own a car life is good. I think they filed it under freedom or something like that.

    How else do you explain a pedestrian city like New York has been giving priority to cars for a very long time. I hope the current trend to finally build out alternative transportation options and curb car traffic that Bloomberg started will continue on with the next mayor. The free bike helmet give-away by the DOT is pretty cool (see ad on the left hand side).

  5. Denise - I actually would love to see many more ZIP cars but my point was to use public parking spaces for commercial purposes infringes on the limited street parking that is available to either residents, guests, or even service providers.

    Many service providers will not come to RI as they dont want to park at Motorgate and they cant fiind on street parking. We actually had a broken refrigerator under warranty. The service folks that work for PC Richard would not come here. PC Richard sent us a new fridge using their delivery people. That was a good result most are not.

  6. RI360: How is this different from Manhattan in general? There is no easy street parking anywhere in this city. I have never heard that service folks don't come because of the lack of street parking.

  7. Thedifference is here the number of on street spaces is finite. In Manhattan the availability of possible spaces is only defined by how many blocks away the driver wants to walk from as they expand their search for a spot. Here once you exhaust the possible spots it is just done.