Monday, July 28, 2008

Links: FIOS, Performance Art, and Dutch Schultz

The most recent local RIOC PSD Police Report is available on the Roosevelt Islander and has something about dogs sending threatening email?

According to a PR Newswire press release Verizon is again listing neighborhoods where their FIOS service is available including RI.

Gothamist reports that Celia Rowlson-Hall, a writer-director-choreographer would love to perform at the Renwick Ruin, the former smallpox hospital if it were available.

Among a listing of top ten criminals is Dutch Schultz who at one time did time at the former Blackwells Island Penitentiary.


  1. The listing of neighborhoods where FIOS is available is a little misleading. Only new developments will get FIOS service just like here on RI. The Octagon and the new Southtown buildings have it/will get it. None of the older buildings will get it anytime soon or even at all. It will involve quite a bit of rewiring and who knows if a landlord is that willing to let Verizon do that.

  2. i saw teh fios flyer on RI, i talked to jason lee, and he calld mgmt at manhattan park. mgmt said no to fios... and jason said to contact rioc or something about it... dun know