Thursday, July 10, 2008

NYC Bike Sharing Outpost on Roosevelt Island ???

For a long time I have thought Roosevelt Island a great place for bicyclists to visit. I am wondering whether residents and / or NYC DOT would think Roosevelt Island a good place to establish a bulkhead for the NYC bike sharing program? I figured the bike racks could be set up near the Tram station (close to the walkway that wraps around the North end of the Racquet Club) under the Queensboro Bridge.

Tourists and visitors could take the tram or subway onto the island and then pick up a shared bike and then use the bike to ride around the island or into LIC to go to the Noguchi Museum or Socrates Park or wherever. They could then return the bikes at the end of their visit and exit off the island via the tram or subway. Residents could use the bikes to travel into Queens. Having the bikes on the island would increase tourism onto the island and into the section of LIC closest to Roosevelt Island. With the new bike paths along Vernon Boulevard it would make for a natural fit.

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  1. As a cyclist I would like to comment...unfortuantely, since the Island isn't very large there really isn't enough expansive space on RI to ride your bike and enjoy oneself. The entire Island takes no more than about 20 minutes. Additionally, the path is not consistent and there are a lot of areas that are not paved or are potholed. It is a much better place to walk or run...but I personally don't recommend it as a spot to take a nice ride.