Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MetroCard Fare Hikes - A Roosevelt Island Break Even Analysis - $136 Monthly Fare Card

The news the last few days has been discussing possible fare hikes by the NYC Transit Authority and I once again wanted to see what effect that would have on my family's out-of-pocket costs as we live on Roosevelt Island. The reality of living on Roosevelt Island (or in any of the outer boroughs) as opposed to living in Manhattan are that for any trip off the island to Manhattan you rely on mass transit and that means spending money.

During this past year's fare hike the MTA held the single fare steady at $2 but increased the unlimited monthly fare costs from $76 to $81 which was still economical for us iin every way. I wanted to see now how much would it cost us if the MTA again held the single fare at $2 but increased the monthly unlimited to our break even point based on the average number of trips / fares we spend based on our lifestyle. Based on the current fare cost we are spending about $1.19 per fare.

Based on the above schedule the unlimited monthly fare card would have to increase to $136 from its current $81 before we woud be spending the equivalent of a single fare per trip. This schedule also assumes Parent B does not add any extra fares dring the day before returning home with both children at the end of each school day. I am not advocating certainly that the MTA use this as a guide to increase the fare that high but as long as the montly cost stays under that amount and the single fare is at $2 we are ahead of the game.

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  1. The MTA has to pay for fuel like everybody else, along with the insanely expensive union contracts it continues to sign, with the help of the left-wing politicians we continue to elect. Who is supposed to cover these costs?