Thursday, July 17, 2008

Move to Roosevelt Island - Add 4 1/2 Years to Your Life !

According to the "Measure of America Report", referred to in today's NY Daily News, Roosevelt Island residents as part of the 14th Congressional District live longer, on average 4.5 years longer, than many of our fellow countrymen.

Perhaps the the two kid's spraygrounds next to and behind Blackwell House are the Fountain of Youth?


  1. The fact that the UES is part of the 14th district makes statistics pretty much useless. There are so many obscenely rich people living on the UES who can afford to throw money at doctors and other health care related service that makes their life better and longer.

    This 4 1/2 years number has no meaning at all.

  2. I absolutely agree but I wanted to post the link without the requisite sarcasm.