Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quick Shot: Exiting After the Fireworks

I actually did not attend the fireworks but spend the time photographig and taking video of the set up to help attendees at this years Fireworks Festival get off Roosevelt Island. I have not yet put together that post but in the mean time here is a view of the subway entrance after the show by one attendee. The caption of the above photo, titled "Good Luck Getting Home" on Flickr by etienne_laurie was:

"The subway was kinda crowded. Somehow the website and ads for the Roosevelt Island Fireworks Festival neglected to mention this part..."
The bulk of my own views I will hold until tomorrow night. I will say I observed the MTA and NYPD personnel very closely and for the most was allowed free access in, out and around the station where I saw how the exit setup was managed and how resident access needs to the station were taken into account despite the crush of visitors trying to get off the island.

From a statistical standpoint I did forget to videotape the turnstyle counters before and after the show but I can say by 11:10pm the last major lines of attendees were process into the subway entrance.

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