Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aug 25: Two More Escalators to be Taken Out Of Service - ES 413/416

See the below advisory re our escalators. The assumption is that Roosevelt Island escalators ES 413 and ES 416 are the additional escalators being taken off line. The MTA Press Office was not able to confirm this but it has to be as ES 411 and ES 414 were replaced already.

The possibility of having 2 sets of 3 off line at once is quite scary. Even though ES 411/414 will be in an up position at all times the morning rush will messy with more individuals looking to use the elevators.

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From: RIOC Advisories
Sent: Wed Jul 23 14:38:32 2008
Subject: Subway Transit Advisory

Escalator work at Roosevelt Island

Beginning August 25th, two sets of escalators (four in total) will be taken out of service for a month as part of the escalator replacement project.

The escalators are located between the street and lower mezzanine. During this time, the remaining set of escalators will be running in the up direction.

The MTA Elevators and Escalators group will be on call should anything happen to the working escalators during the shutdown.

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  1. That's probably necessary to finish up the current escalators that are under construction. They probably have to remove the partition and "fuse" the two escalators together like they used to be in the past.