Sunday, July 13, 2008

Links: From Bon Jovi to Alpine Loves Lost

Today’s newspapers include two unrelated stories which include references to Roosevelt Island residents. The first is of Jacob Fleitman, a twenty-five year old island resident who apparently waited all night, Friday through Saturday morning, waiting to get a front row seat at last night’s Bon Jovi concert. Link HERE for the NY Post story where Jacob was quoted to say “It’s a once in a lifetime experience to be in the front row, right?”

Jacob along with Felicia Fleitman, according to NY1, apparently started the line, waiting 12 hours before anyone else joined them waiting to enter the Great Lawn for the concert . To see the Fleitmans link HERE.

The second involves a Brit who apparently was the lost love of Carole Getzoff, a writer recalling her first trip overseas and subsequent reconnection with the Brit who for a time lived on Roosevelt Island. Three weeks after their final meeting at restaurant near the Tram the Brit past away due to cancer. For the full story link to “Her Alpine Lover”.

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