Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photographing All the World's Children In NYC

Last weekend I was hanging out with my kids behind the Church of the Good Shepherd and we stumbled upon a photographer taking shots of a little girl named Isadora. It turns out Isadora, at age 2 1/2 and a Roosevelt Island resident, will now be representing her home country of Chad in a wonderful project to photograph all the world's children right here in New York City.

The photographer, Danny Goldfried, has been involved with the project from its beginning and has been featured on various news programs and print media spreads. The project can be followed on its website

The criteria are simply that the child (1) must be living here in New York City, (2) must be less than 12 years old and (3) either been themselves born in their home country or whose parents are both from that home country and the child was born here.

According to the website there are many countries still to be represented in the project and with the large international population, here on Roosevelt Island, it is estimated that a number of these countries could be represented by children living here. Certainly Mr. Goldfried expects to be on our island many times before the project is complete. To date, Mr. Goldfried indicated that he tries not to involve the official embassies from any country in trying to locate a child to photograph and based on our conversation I believe he relies more on word of mouth and introductions.

North Korea is one country he expected to never be able to photograph a child from. I informed Mr. Goldfried that we actually have members of the North Korean United Nations delegaton living here on Roosevelt Island and I am trying to help put him in touch with that small community. we shall see how that work's out.

So if you see a guy in a baseball hat photographing our kids don't be so fast to call Public Safety as he may just be trying to prove the world is a smaller place than you thought a few moments before you met him.

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