Monday, July 21, 2008

Jazz Tuesday Night at Good Shepherd Plaza

The JazzMobile is coming to Roosevelt Island tomorrow night, Tuesday July 22, 2008 at 7 pm with the Akiko Tsuruga Quartet. The event is free is being sponsored by Urban America. To see a clip of the quartet link HERE.


  1. What a wonderful program, but what a HORRIBLE location. For those of us that live around this plaza area are BLOWN out of our apartments with the sound and bass that comes with the jazzmobile. Don't get me wrong, the culture is much appreciated, but it would be much better served in the plaza area on the river near the subway where the view and breeze as well as the sound won't travel into the homes of residents.

  2. Good reason to go out to the movies and get away from the ridiculous volume level...I don't even live on the Plaza and I can't even hear myself think!

  3. Here at Manhattan Park we have to deal with something similar once a year in the summer. The management office throws a company party and uses the pool as the venue. There was one year when we had to get Public Safety on site to get them turn down the volume. It was so bad. This year it was much better but still a nuisance. Why can't people a little bit more considerate and keep those parties indoors at night?