Friday, April 4, 2008

Roosevelt Island Weekend Subway Disruptions: 11 of 14 Weeks and Running

Today's NY Times included a column by Clyde Haberman bemoaning the fact that for many New Yorkers the arrival of the weekend just brings another headache ...the weekend subway service disruption.

This is something the residents of Roosevelt Island certainly know about. By my count, including this weekend, we will have had reduced service for 11 weekends out 14 weekends so far in 2008. I would like to see which station is hit the hardest throughout the system. I can't imagine there are too many that beat us but at least we have the Tram, for now, to offset the outages.

Any bets on how many weekends we will get to by the end of 2008? The closest gets a pizza on me.

The tally so far includes:
(1) 1/5-7; (2) 1/12-14; (3) 1/19-21; (4) 1/26-28; (5) 2/2-4; (6) 2/16-18; (7) 3/1-3; (8) 3/8-10; (9) 3/15-17; (10) 3/29-31; and (11) 4/5-7

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From: Clyde Haberman
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 14:30:23
Subject: Re: Fw: Your NYT Weekend Subway Disruption Column

Many thanks for your note and the link to the blog. It does indeed sound as if Roosevelt I. may win the weekend disruption derby, dubious though that title may be.

What can I say except, Happy Trails.
All the best,
Clyde Haberman

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