Monday, April 14, 2008

RIRA FDR Memorial Surveys Distributed via WIRE

Well this weekend, as an insert to the Main Street WIRE, the Roosevelt Island Resident’s Association distributed it’s long called for survey to determine what the present day population of the island thinks of the Louis Kahn designed memorial.

The survey itself has its own history as many individuals wished it stopped at simply asking whether individuals liked, disliked or had no opinion re the design. Some individuals feel that the survey is slanted as anti-Kahn design despite its having two columns of pro and con bullet points supporting the pro and con positions. As a matter of full disclosure I contributed an earlier version of the back page two column design.

There is also a call from my fellow island blogger, the Roosevelt Islander, to extend the length of the survey response period to allow for a greater number of responses to the survey. I fully support this as I believe more time is needed to “push” our fellow residents to fill out the form (pro or con) and to either walk it over to the PSD office and drop off the form in the above pictured box or to mail it into RIRA.
My own non-statistical on-line survey regarding the FDR memorial can be found HERE. Please vote in the paper survey and also this online version.


  1. You need to work on your grammar, specifically the use (or non-use) of apostrophes. The plural of "Resident" is "Residents", not "Resident's". So RIRA is the "Residents Association" or maybe the "Residents' Association". Unless it only has one member, in which case you got it right.
    In another item, the plural of "squirrel" is "squirrels", not "squirrel's".

  2. who care's that much about apostrophes, get over it.