Monday, April 14, 2008

Roosevelt Island Squirrel’s Interviewed re Presidential Election

Squirrel Interviews

Video crew tries to interview Roosevelt Island squirrels regarding their views of the current Presidential election. Interviewer also labels local woman as “crazy squirrel woman” based on her alleged daily squirrel feedings. If anything the video shows how "trained" the squirrels are here to accept food when offered.

Direct YouTube Link by JohnMcDonaldInc

YouTube text: “Frieda Chan stars in this short documentary on the opinions of the modern squirrel. Also featuring the Con Ed power plant, a piece of bread, and reluctant roommates”

Con Ed Interview

It was amusing when these guys tried to interview the squirrels not sure what they were going for trying to interview “Big Allis”

The location of both videos appears to be the Eastern side of the island facing Queens behind the Eastwood complex.

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