Saturday, April 26, 2008

Parkour on Roosevelt Island

A number of months ago I found a video on You Tube that included individuals demonstrating Parkour on Roosevelt Island. In essence parkour is the application of gymnastics to urban landscapes. To first appreciate the art I would recommend the following short documentary. I love when they film the British children for their reactions to watching the tracuers.

Direct YouTube Link by SlamCamSpam

The videos I found that include individuals performing Parkour on Roosevelt Island among other NYC locations include the following two You Tube submissions.

NOTE: My presenting these videos does not suggest I am encouraging the use of public space or facilities in this manner as Parkour can be dangerous for those apparently not skilled in its application and may also be seen as a mis-use of the facilities pictured.

Direct YouTube Link by Whatismyleoname

Direct YouTube Link by Sophmore3000


  1. heh, about twenty years ago my best friend and I used to spend our afternoons playing "stuntmen" in the very same field in the second video.

    the more things change...

  2. since parkour is french in origin, that should be 'la plus ca change...'