Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Assembly Member Kellner Requests MTA Roberts to Further Examine Issues Affecting Roosevelt Island

Assembly Member Micah Kellner (65th AD) issued a letter today to MTA President Howard Roberts to further examine the transportation issues affecting Roosevelt Island in light of the pending 2009 Tram overhaul. See the original letter text by clicking on the attached images.

One of the most striking facts presented in the letter is resident Marc Diamond’s calculations that Tram’s daily ridership is approximately 50% of the subway’s daily ridership. The concern is therefore how will the F Train and our subway station handle a 50% increase in riders every rush hour morning?

Kellner suggests beefing up alternative bus routes to Queens Plaza as well as extension of the Q Lines and rerouting of R or V Trains through Roosevelt Island. I know that Roberts rejected the Q Train extension but this is the first I have heard of the R or V Train re-routing ideas I don’t expect that they will be well received.

Let’s see if Roberts issues a response to this letter. Getting the last response according to transit buffs was amazing enough. We definitely thank Micah Kellner for staying on top of this issue and pushing the MTA to respond to this important issue.

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