Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dedicated Bike Path for Roosevelt Island Bridge?

I am not sure I am reading this map correctly but does the legend indicate that the Roosevelt Island Bridge when completed will have a dedicated bike path? The legend (see image below) indicates that “green intermittent squares” represent a planned or proposed bike path. So it appears that a dedicated path could happen. The map images are taken from the official 2008 City Bike Map. May 2008 is Bike Month in New York City.

Currently bike riders must either dismount their bikes and walk across the bridge’s pedestrian walkway or risk shredding a tire when riding across the metal grate surface of the bridge.

Who do we contact to push for this to become a reality?

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  1. It's there! It's narrow at first but it exists.

    Note that partway in there's a sign saying you should dismount your bike, presumably to walk.