Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Roosevelt Island Dogs Blog

It's official Roosevelt Island has gone to the dogs. Despite the old belief that no dogs were allowed on the island (see the parody movie) the past two years has seen an explosion of residents owning dogs due to the buildings at Southtown and the Octagon allowing dogs as pets.

The creation of a new blog "Roosevelt Island Dogs" officially seals the new reality and their place as residents. So far the blog chronicles in pictures and text the first meeting of the Small Dog Play Group at the Octagon-Coler dog run on the Eastern side of the island. The run is by the Coler Hospital parking lot facing Costco and the West Channel of the East River. The blogger who created the blog is listed as "Hanahlly" and lives in the Octagon. No contact info was provided nor does the blog provide for comments to be left by readers. A post on the Octagon resident's website is how I learned of the blog. A follow up post on that site gives information for those dog owners looking to joing the group.

Recently I had been speaking with one resident who commutes with his dog into Manhattan using Tram about the state of the Southern of the island's two dog runs which sits across from the Riverwalk buildings behind their sales center. As shown in the picture below the run at this point is pretty bare and some of the residents who use this run are hoping it can be improved but it is unclear who and what organization is responsible for its upkeep. I am guessing RIOC built the runs to encourage residents to limit off leash exercise to within their confines but I have not confirmed this assumption.

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