Monday, April 7, 2008

PressHD: Vandalism at Southpoint

Kim Lengle of is reporting of a new atack of vandalism down at Southpoint Park and upon the former smallpox hospital. Her post will link you through to a series of 34 pictures on Flickr taken on Sunday, April 6, 2008. PressHD was the first to report two weeks ago of the brush fire that took place at Southpoint.

According to Ms. Lengle, during the entire time she was at Southpoint yesterday Public Safety was not aware of the vandalism and no patrol car appeared on scene. In fact Public Safety was not aware of the incident, according to her, until she reported the incident. If this attack took place overnight one would hope and expect that when the park was opened this morning that a PSD officer would make a patrol of the park to determine if there was any such activity or danger before allowing the public access.

One of the concerns many residents have regarding the future of the entire Southpoint Park (including both the Trust for Public Land Gardens and the proposed FDR memorial) is security. It has ben stated that once these projects are completed that security would be increased down at Southpoint.

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