Thursday, April 10, 2008

Roosevelt Island Scenes Shown on Fox Television Show "New Amsterdam"

Well this week the scenes filmed on Roosevelt Island for the FOX television show "New Amsterdam" aired within Episode 7 "Reclassified". Thanks to the folks over at the fan site "New Amsterdam Forever" for pointing the scenes out to me as I missed this week's episode. I admit I first starting watching because I had seen the television production vehicles some months agao and I have become a fan since.

The first scene (at 7.41 minutes) played involves the main character John Amsterdam, a homicide detective, having a discussing with his former partner Andy. The scene is supposed to be on a balcony just off the detective's office space in the local precinct house. Based on the views and the balcony railing it became clear that the scene was shot at Goldwater Hospital just South of the Queensboro Bridge facing East into Queens.

The second scene (at 12.41 minutes) is obviously shot from the Western promenade overlooking the East River with Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge in the background.

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