Thursday, April 3, 2008

Keyspan Plant "Big Allis" Sold to Trans-Canada

According to an article published this past Monday by Newsday, National Grid has sold the "Big Allis" Ravenswood Keyspan Plant located just opoposite Roosevelt Island, in LIC, Queens, to Trans-Canada. The sale is subject to state and federal regulatory approvals, and clearance under U.S. anti-trust and foreign investment laws. National Grid said it expects to complete the deal by late summer.

The text of the Newsday article can be linked to HERE. Nobody in NYC really expected the plant to be sold and dismantled as it is one of the only remaining plants servicing all of NYC.


  1. So, will the plant be dismantled or does the sale only mean a change in ownership?

  2. It appears to be a simple change in ownership. The related Internet articles I have seen appear to confirm Trans-Canada sees this plant as valuable asset in their energy holdings and operations. So the wonderful views, smells, and toxins in our air are not leaving anytime soon.