Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will President Obama Visit Roosevelt Island for a FDR Park Dedication?

According to a New York Social Diary posting, President Obama will be invited to a dedication of the FDR Four Freedoms Park which organizers hope to be schedule for the week of the 2009 United Nations General Assembly. The Social Diary post focused, in part, on a reception last month in Philadelphia honoring the planned memorial and Kahn titled “Louis I. Kahn: The Making of a Room”.

If this does happen, security will be amazingly tight on our little island and you can bet we’ll be in partial lockdown mode. I disagree with parts of the park’s design but it would be an honor for the President to visit the island. My bet is that residents would be squeezed out attending the event. Despite this blog being a pseudo member of our local press I have no illusions of receiving an invite but they sure as hell better invite Dick Lutz of the Main Street WIRE and Judy Berdy from the Historical Society.


  1. Knowing Judy Berdy, she'll get invited. Don't worry.

  2. Judy has been against the memorial from Day One. Why in the world would they invite someone who's tried to stop it from happening?

    I remember her first quote: "However, Judy Berdy, president of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, remains opposed to the formality of the plan. Viewing the animation confirmed her feelings. The white granite, “the hot, dry place with pruned trees is passé. It’s not what people want in this day and age.”

  3. "not what people want in this day and age". Another expert who speaks for the human race, eh? Perfect.