Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip / Distance Websites Don't Always Apply Here

Update: After playing a bit with the site described below it is not so far off to be unreasonable but still generally these things don't work from Roosevelt Island.


It's unfair to be from Roosevelt Island and to hope that new transportation calculation websites like "TripTrop NYC" will actually apply and work for us. Unfair to us and to the web site being reviewed.

According to the site's creator (via Gothamist) "you put in an address in New York and it overlays a map of how long it takes to get anywhere else in the city via subway and walking,"

If only it was true with regards to our little island. The time zones shown for Zip Code 10044 seem wonderful but in reality it just can't be. I seem to recall the same issues when reviewing a walking distance website some time back.


  1. From 10044 it takes an hour to get anywhere in Manhattan.

  2. When I designed triptrop I was originally planning on only supporting walking and subways, but added in jetskis at the last minute.

  3. Good comeback. Overall an ambitious effort and as I updated above when I played with it some more it was fairly accurate for a number of my destimations.

  4. With the Tram going down in July and MTA's continued lack of response to current and immediate challenges to Roosevelt Island commuters, I expect travel to Manhattan to be well over 1 hour, especially from places like Manhattan Park and the Octagon. I think Roosevelt Island is more the place for car owners moving forward and not those who wish to work or frequently visit Manhattan. This is so sad given its close proximity. Jetskis would be an added bonus.