Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can 11 Subway Cars Platform at Roosevelt Island?

NY1 is reporting that the MTA ran a test 11 car train through the system last night.

Can 11 cars platform at Roosevelt Island?

I don't believe so.

The answer per the first comment provided is NO so the test by the MTA was in essence as one SubChat contributor stated an "April's Fools" joke by the MTA on the public unless stations were modified to increase the accessible lenth of the platforms needed.

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  1. According to a SubTalk thread called "Original Station Platform Lengths of the IND" ( the platforms at Roosevelt Island run from T1173+55 to T1179+70, for a total length of 615 feet. An 11-car train is 665.5 feet. In other words, the platforms are 50 feet short. I'm not sure if the platforms can be extended, but with the introduction of R160's to the F line, I doubt they'd run 11-car trains any time soon. Besides, that'd require either a 6-car set, or single cars.