Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Roosevelt Island, Improv Everywhere's Next Target?

The great thing about local niche bloggers is we like to learn what is going on and scheduled for our neighborhoods and to then let our neighbors know all about it. The bad thing is a concern regarding ruining a great surprise or a good thing. Improv Everywhere has indicated on their site that they plan an Mp3 event on May 23rd at 4pm on Roosevelt Island. Hence my dilemna.

What's an Improv Anywhere Mp3 experiment you ask? Let's just say it's a lot of people (a lot) wearing headphones and doing what the voice them to do. And watch out if you are in the area they are told to be in. Link here.

Knowing that the Roosevelt Islander and I both love writing about such events I am hoping we don't ruin the fun. Even Frank Farance of RIRA even knows about the event and has posted a comment on the Improv Everywhere blog itself about his interest. Although Frank wants to make sure they get the right permits so PSD doesn't try to disrupt the impromptu gathering that I believe is the whole point of the exercise.

So read this blog post, then forget about about it, but watch for the fun that day. Can you do that?


  1. I am very sure that getting permits for any of Improv Everywhere's work is not quite on their list of things to do to prepare for a performance.

  2. I kinf of figured that the beauty of Improv everywhere was their out of no where presence. Permitting kind of just kills the spontaneous feel these acts are supposed to illicit (right word?).

    Should I kill this post for fear of it killing the event?

  3. It's on their blog, i.e. it's public information already. Makes for more people to watch their performance. The MP3 performances are performances for folks to watch and participate, thus relatively harmless. Not like the half-naked men in A&F stores, or the stunt they pulled off at Best Buy quite a while ago (the performers wore the Best Buy "uniform", i.e. short and slacks and confused customers).