Friday, April 24, 2009

A Changing of the Banner Size Rental Apartment Ads....

I will admit I did not notice that two weeks ago the Manhattan Park ads that adorned the Manhattan Tram Station were removed. But I certainly noticed the Riverwalk ads go up. The ads facing Second Ave and incoming bridge traffic moved from the balcony level down to street level and you can't help but see the ads as you walk by.

Upon inquiring whether we should expect to see additional ads (thinking now both Manhattan Park and the Riverwalk ads) were permament features of the structure I asked Steve Shane, President of RIOC, about future plans for the station and concerns re overcommercializing the space. He stated:

The instant ad banner is temporary and will be taken down when the Tram closes July 6. You may remember that there were Manhattan Park banners on the station for the last several years which were only removed 2 weeks ago. It is to everyone's benefit to promote the success of Riverwalk. Overcommercializing the space will not occur. See billboards and other display ads on the surrounding buildings.

We are working on the design of the new Tram station which will not have the same dreary presentation as the present terminal. Be patient.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating

So while we will miss the Tram station this Summer I am betting I am not alone in not missing these new signs.

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