Thursday, April 2, 2009

ROOSEVELT L!VE - Full Schedule Released

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The folks who are putting together ROOSEVELT L!VE have put out the full schedule of groups to play at Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Commons from May 23rd through September 5th and it looks like it will be a busy 15 weeks of concerts. Not being anything remotely close to being a hipster I have no clue as any of these groups are. I will be honest I am glad I don't live facing the Commons area.

Nonno's, Duane Reade, and Starbucks should clean up quite nicely with that amount of foot traffic. You have to give Hudson / Related credit for doing all they can to bring foot traffic to the island to see their new buildings and hopefully set up apartment tours. Maybe after the concerts the visitors can even schedule some rappelling time down the sides of the buildings.

I just hope the MTA holds to its goal of not disrupting weekend subway service while the tram is off line. Kudos to the concert promoters for highlighting the F Train service.

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