Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update re Shots Fired (on 4/14) Outside 2-4 River Road

The following info updates what is known about yesterday morning's gunfire incident at 2-4 River Road.

In short the individual apprehended claims he was set up and in self defense he wrestled the gun away from his assailant.

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From: Steve Shane
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Subject: Shots Fired

Be advised that the apprehended person who fired the shots on Monday night/Tuesday morning has been released by NYPD. He established to their satisfaction that he was the victim of a setup/mugging from a location off Island and that he wrestled the weapon away from the other person involved in self defense, during which struggle the shots were fired and the window shattered.

Another example of why we all should not jump to conclusions.

Stephen H. Shane
President & CEO
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.


  1. Mr. Shane - stop with the snarky comments at the end of every RIOC advisory. Seriously annoying. Why can't you just state what you need to without the running commentary?

  2. Oh, come on now. He is right. Many folks on RI (including some bloggers and commentators) do act quite childish and deserve Shane's snarky comments.

  3. I admit I have my moments.

    And very often I receive e-mails from Mr. Shane when they occur. True open communication. To give the guy his due he does respond the e-mails I send which I do appreciate.

  4. When can we get some guns for PSD? At least the members who qualify or the supervisors or the undercover guys

  5. I agree with the last poster. PSD needs to be armed. If you don't qualify you don't carry. What happens when a gun is pulled on your child on main st? Expect PSD to throw their handcuffs?

    look at the facts - a 911 call placed in NYC goes to albany ny and then goes to the respective pct of occurance. This takes SIX MINUTES FOR NYPD RESPONSE.

  6. please no way should guns be given to psd. they are not police officers .they do not act like police officers . they are a far cry from being police officers .please do not give them guns.