Friday, April 3, 2009

Poor Rich Kids Using RI as Dating "Sure Thing"?

Warning: Perhaps Not Totally Family Friendly

According to the blog “Poor Rich Kids” bringing your date to Roosevelt Island is almost a sure thing. It’s cheap, romantic and according to the blog post. In the blog’s own word the reasons to come include:

“Why: Although its just a stones throw away from Manhattan, no one ever goes there. Filled with a rich history of prisons, psych wards, and syphilis containment centers the old hospital buildings are something between a tour of scottish castles and a good ol’ scary movie–either way, a total panty-dropper.”
Somehow this was all a bit much but was amusing to read. Obviously this is not an image we want Roosevelt Island to be known for. While the views, promenades, and sites to be seen via the tram (read their article) are romantic it is amusing that the now not so rich are using our fair isle because they can't afford anything ritzier. I feel so cheap don't you?

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  1. Coler's rear parking lot and Goldwater's front parking area are proverbial lover's lanes. Nightly the windows get fogged up up/down there.