Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Tram Design Images - Stylish !

Each of the below renderings of proposed Roosevelt Island Tram cabins is quite stylish. Call me nostalgic but I hope the final design simply states "Roosevelt Island" on the cabin sides for a greater connection to the current cabins. According to Steve Shane the design is not yet complete and may come to that design. Let him know if you agree.


  1. I would prefer to leave it at "Roosevelt Island TRAM".

    Referring to RIOC is just as unnecessary as the signs on the Red Buses saying "Surface transport"

  2. The MTA puts its logo on every single bus and train as well. So will the RIOC now. No harm done.

  3. If you double cliok the images you will see the RIOC image is placed on the front and I am guessing the back of the cabins much as the logo is now.