Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Could PSD's Next Puchase be a P.U.M.A.?

Many Roosevelt Island residents have seen officers of our local Public Safety Department drive by on their Segways but now that G.M. and Segway have unveiled the P.U.M.A. how long will it be before we see a couple of these cats on Main Street? Granted the unit pictured is only a prototype but according to the article it can practically drive itself.

P.U.M.A. stands for Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility

P.U.M.A. Picture via Gothamist modified for RIOC Logo


  1. I would hope Public Safety stick with the Segways

    The new PUMA's are just glorified golfcars.

    Maybe we could spend the mmoney on bus stop benches instead.

  2. Public Safety looks stupid enough on the Segways.

    And I don't know, maybe funds could be better spent elsewhere - like oh say getting the Red Bus system running on time with a schedule?

  3. The officers don't look stupid on the Segways. They are actually quite effective. I don't think they need the PUMA's. I'd rather see them on T3 Motions, like the NYPD.

  4. To the 8:33am poster: I am with you. The $15k+ the RIOC spent on those three Segways could have been spent on other things. Unless I missed the fact that there are daily man hunts/chases happening on RI and that the whole fatigue excuse actually makes sense.

  5. Well there are daily chases on Roosevelt Island, and it's not a fatigue thing, it's a speed and efficiency thing. When you're getting assaulted by 7 people (which happens more often than you think on this island), you'll hope that the 15 mph segway gets there instead of the 5 mph run/walk.

  6. A bike can go much faster than a segway.