Monday, April 6, 2009

7:54am F Train from Roosevelt Island (Mon Apr 6)

Perhaps this is a bad week for a test of how crowded the subway arriving from Queens into Roosevelt Island is but for the next few days I will try to get to the platform before 8am and take a picture once we enter the Manhattan bound train.

While I do believe the transportation infrastructure needs to be strengthened and increased, I am also of the belief that as long as island residents leave at a reasonable time they do not have to encounter the packed trains from Queens that arrive starting at and after 815am and continue through 845am.

Again this week may not be a good test, it is a holy week for many and schools are off starting Thursday. So be it. Again the above picture shows one family's experience at 7:54am after getting onto a Manhattan / Brooklyn bound F Train from Roosevelt Island.


  1. Sorry, but you are wrong.

    Why do residents have to leave "at a reasonable time" rather than the time that is best for one's individual schedule. My reasonable time happens to be the same reasonable time as a large percentage of Island residents making for a crowded train. How is being on the train before 8am reasonable for someone that doesn't need to be at work or school until after 9am...the point is that reasonable to one person is not so for all, poor choice of words I think. We need better transportation and that is what the focus should be.

  2. I certainly am not disagreeing with you. I am only suggesting that if you do not like squeezing yourself into a subway car like a sardine and have the ability and option of leaving a bit earlier you can enter and ride the subway without being necessarily pressed against your neighbor.

    In my own case the difference between the time I'd like to leave and when I shoudl is only 10 minutes so leaving a bit early for me is no big deal.

    Therefore I believe my choice of words was fine. As you yourself inferred "reasonable" is defined by each of us differently.

  3. Anon: crowded mass transit are part of living in NYC. The F line is not the only line that is suffering from this. Try to take the 1 or 2 during rush hours at the UWS. Even better: the 6 downtown. For some reason, though, the folks on those lines know how to cope. People move all the way inside, make themselves as small as possible, etc. Somehow there is absolutely no courtesy on the F. And THAT makes the train a horrible experience during rush hours. It is not all the MTA's fault.