Sunday, January 11, 2009

NYT: "You Talkin' to Me?" is Not My Style

Today's New York Times City Section includes an article titled "You Talkin' to Me?"about NYC bloggers by Gabriel Cohen. While I was happy to be recognized as a neighborhood blogger I had reservations seeing my blog listed. Other than transportation issues I have tried to limit my posts to my own views without being too controversial.

I will admit I see myself as the lighter of the two main blogs we have here on the island. The Roosevelt Islander, an excellent blog in my opinion, covers much more deeply many of the political and social issues affecting the island. I am just trying to have fun and only occasionally find myself getting deeper into the weighty issues. Perhaps this is a death knell to state this publicly but I did just start this blog for my own fun. I have come to hope you have kept coming back for that fun and occasionally to learn something more about our island.

It is apparent that our residents need increased access to public forums where they can express themselves freely and perhaps anonymously on issues they feel strongly about. Take in point the ongoing discussion / argument taking place on my post regarding the name change to Roosevelt Landings from Eastwood. As stated in the NYT article New Yorkers will when given the opportunity (granted sometimes not when it is applicable) find themselves arguing class wars, gentrification vs. affordable housing. The comments being left on my blog on this post almost daily reflects these feelings. Currently 40 comments have been left since the Octiber 14 publication of that post. I did nothing to inflame or encourage these posts. Although I admit they deserve further investigation and reporting. I would love to see an Eastwood based blog be created where these issues are examined from a residents point of view.

What was more amusing to me about being included in the article is that during the last several weeks I have not been able to devote as much time to this blog, due to work and other matters, and I admit I have felt some guilt about this. But then again it is only a blog right?


  1. I love your blog. However name roosevelt island 360 is little strange.

  2. The name RI360 started from 360 degree videos taken of the island I found on YouTube and which I started shooting myself from various locations around the island and posted here.