Monday, January 19, 2009

Does Roosevelt Island Get the Full Creepy from Cold Souls?

A number of residents who recall the movie "Cold Souls" being filmed here on Roosevelt Island can now read the reviews of the film on line at Variety, Cinema Blend, and other web sites.

The plot line includes a stop by the actor "Paul Giamatti" playing a version of himself who at one point comes to a clinic on Roosevelt Island where they will relieve you of your soul for a time. Based on the review the scenes on Roosevelt Island are limited but repeated so we don't get the complete creepy treatment we got from "Dark Waters" but enough apparently.

Per the Cinema Blend website the Roosevelt Island based lab is named "Soul Storage". According to past blog posts there were scenes filmed at the Octagon and aboard the Roosevelt Island Tram but it is unknown what interior or exterior shots of the Octagon, the Tram or the Island have made it to the final cut. No official movie poster yet or stills that I can find featuring the Island.

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