Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fordham U. Students Examine R.I. Housing Issues

YouTube Video Posted by drtoulouse

At first when I watched the above video it seemed like the Fordham University students were under the impression that Roosevelt Island was dominated by public housing. But as the video progresses and focuses on Roosevelt Island (4:04 minute mark) it becomes clear that the students are aware that private development is one of the island’s biggest issues. Look for their interview of Geoffrey Fishman, Manager of Roosevelt Landings, formerly known as Eastwood. Mr. Fishman discusses the effect of the open market on the island.

It will be interesting to see Hunter College’s Access RI’s take on the same issue as their larger study progresses throughout the coming months. FYI, Access RI is not only about physical access to Roosevelt Island but also to services, housing and various other issues.


  1. Manhattan Park made it a habit not to renew the lease on certain apartments because they want to use them to house students. I guess renting out an apartment to a university brings in more money nowadays. How many students can you pack into a large three bedroom apartment? At least 6. Each of them pays at least $1000 which means $6k at least for a 2BR instead of the $3500 list price.

  2. Roosevelt Island "is now one of the most expensive areas to live in New York City" (4:13 mark)? Somebody did not do her homework here. I can think of a hundred other places in New York (and not just in Manhattan) that are much more expensive. Even the Octagon is in no way comparable to most of the luxury apartments in Manhattan and elsewhere (like the ones in LIC).