Monday, January 26, 2009

UNFOUNDED REPORT of Sexual Assault at RI Subway Station

Gothamist is reporting that on January 25, 2009 at 12:05 pm there was a sexual assault on the F Line Roosevelt Island. The report has not been confirmed.

The Roosevelt Islander contacted both RIOC and PSD and neither had any additional information.

What is alarming and what I wrote in comments left on the Roosevelt Islander blog is that this station, if the assault was within the station, has two police officers, one on each platform guarding the tunnels and their for protection as the platforms are so far below the surface.

There are cameras which the token clerk can monitor of the escalators and the elevators but that obviously can do nothing to stop a crime in progress. Also I noticed last Friday that of the three monitors available to the clerk only two seem to be operating. It is unclear if this means specific views of camera are dark to the clerk or not.

It just shows at any time of the day everyone should be aware of their suroundings and take precautions.

UPDATE 1:00pm : According to Keith Guerra, PSD Director, via the Roosevelt Islander, the report of a sexual assault was unfounded.

I am not sure if this means there was no assault at all or that the assault was not of a sexual nature. I have sent an email looking for clarification.

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