Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Does It Take to Start a Subway Mural Project?

Yesterday I read a great article about murals which were installed at the 86th Street subway station on Manhatan's West Side. I wonder if we could get permission to install similiar murals on the platforms and escalator passages at the Roosevelt Island subway station. It would brighten up a dreary station and add some additional pride to the island.

Now who can we call?


  1. Try contacting Bobby Cuza at NY1 News, he hosts the Transit show, I am sure he can direct...

  2. If you think that is impressive you should check out the gyms in College Station.

  3. From the MTA web site: “MTA Arts for Transit was created to oversee the selection of artists and the installation of permanent artworks in subway and commuter rail stations...Please direct inquiries to Arts for Transit: 212.878.7234”

  4. Less Art - More efficiency.