Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wanted: One Roosevelt Island Gypsy Woman

If you are a Roosevelt Island gypsy woman, between 41 years and 50 years, you are wanted for a role in a movie to be filmed on the island on February 3rd.

Actually the ad states:

Director: Katrina Sorrentino. I am currently a sophomore and this is my first Sight and Sound Film Project at NYU. The film is going to be very short, 16mm, black and white reversal film, no sound. It will be a quick shoot on February 3rd in the afternoon. If you're interested please contact me. I will provide you with a copy of the footage when the film is complete.

This female character is an eccentric looking gypsy who comes up to my main character, snaps a polaroid of him, and then writes on the bottom of it 'content.' She is sort of a teller of moods, a human mood ring if you will. I want her to look quirky and wise.
If you are interested in the part contact Katrina Sorrentino HERE.

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