Wednesday, January 7, 2009

R.I. Historical Society Exhibition: One Family's Photos from 1914-1919

Like many of us no one thinks that families were living on Roosevelt Island during the early 1900's. We all know about the prison, the alms and work houses, the hospitals and the lunatic asylum but few think of the island at that time as a home for a family as we do today. Yet the Effler family did just that and their family photos are on exhibition now at the Octagon through January 31, 2008.

I can truly say the photos will surprise you, make you smile and laugh. I know as I scanned them all for the Historical Society (the benefit or burden of living in the same building as the society's president). I am being good and not running any photos other than those in the press release.

Per the news release there is an opening reception this Sunday with special events including the following:

12 PM - Children’s Tour of Exhibit
1 PM - General Tour
2 PM - Dog Look-Alike Contest
3-6 PM - Reception and Refreshments

The Octagon, is an apartment building, located at 888 Main Street. DIRECTIONS: Take the Tram at 59th Street and Second Avenue or the F train to Roosevelt Island. Take the Octagon Local red bus for 25¢ or walk 20-minutes north on Main Street.

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