Monday, January 5, 2009

Duane Reade Not Leaving Roosevelt Island

If in the next few weeks or months you see a change in colors at the local Duane Reade it does not mean that the store is leaving Roosevelt Island or being replaced by some other chain it simply is the company's attempt at updating their image. See the story on the NY Times.


  1. Glad DR isn't leaving - that and Starbucks are the only places that don't make the island seem like an outpost.

    Hopefully DR can update their pharmacy staff not to be so inept.

  2. What the hell was the board of DR thinking when they approved the new logo? What a mess. It invites every Graphic Designer to critique it to pieces.

  3. I like the new look - a throwback, but modern, and in asimple black and white. In these harsh times, simple is better.

  4. The new logo sucks. It looks like they had a child design it with MS-Word on their home PC. Their whole new image is a rip off of Sephora. They stole the idea of back lighting their products from them. They are doing this because CVS is kicking their butt and they decided instead of competing with a real pharmacy, they will compete with a make up store and add their pharmacy to the mix as a benefit. Pathetic attempt at survival. Walgreen's needs to open up on the island for some decent service.

  5. It looks CHEAP. Like "ODD JOB" if anyone remembers that store. Please get more ORGANIC MILK because
    1. I would rather not carry it from the city, although I can get the same brand at Whole Foods for 1$ cheaper and the Whole Foods brand for 2$ cheaper
    2. because, most of all, I HATE GRISTIDES and refuse to shop there. Same organic milk there costs $6.99$ as oppsed to $3.99$ at Wholefoods. SHAMELESS