Thursday, January 15, 2009

Has Brooklyn Paid Roosevelt Island for our Granite?

Stop. Thief! Has Brooklyn Heights paid for the Roosevelt Island granite it plans to use in the construction of a new staircase for its East River Promenade park? We actualy want our granite back. Supposedly an FDR memorial is to be built on our island and we want to help reduce their costs by using our own granite.

So Brooklyn give us back our granite or pony up the bucks!

The mystery is when did Brooklyn grab our granite? And what is the article talking about where it refers to a rescue of the granite from the old Roosevelt Island Bridge? That bridge is still standing? Did someone steel the brick from its foundations? Are we in danger just to help some folks go down a stair. These are important questions.

I first brought up this travesty of justice back in October yet no response from Brooklyn has been received?

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  1. I would guess the granite was removed during the current work on the bridge. So you should ask DOT.