Friday, January 2, 2009

No Ivy League for Roosevelt Island

I had not heard of any plans for an Ivy League university to establish an outpost here on Roosevelt Island but apparently one group is ready to fight for the common man against such an idea.

For information about purchasing a patch 10 are currently available on eBay via The Netherlands.

We are currently awaiting a reply regarding the history of this effort to keep Roosevelt Island free of the dreaded Ivy League. If however a highly endowed Ivy League university wants to restore the Renwick Ruin as an educational facilty and work against FERI's plan to block the 360 degree views of Southpoint please apply immediately


  1. Why are people so short sighted, don't you think having the Ivy League can assist in elevating the image of the Island, add much needed cultural attractions, offer interesting speaking engagements, classes for the public, etc?

  2. I agree having an Ivy League institution that would want to make an investment on Roosevelt Island could only benefit the island with increased employment and prestige.

    The post was written more in jest in response to the existence and creation of the patch by unknwown third parties. The eBay seller seemed sure that tere already was a presence on our island of an Ivy League institution or school.

  3. I am glad that you agree, I wasn't sure when I read the post.

    The seller must of gone to a crappy school!

  4. I don't believe the eBay seller is the creator of the patches
    . She only indicated to me that she came into possession of about 10 of them and was looking to sell them. She had no info regarding their creation or their purpose.