Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rebirth of the QueensBridge Wind Project?

With Mayor Bloomberg's call for exploring the use of wind power it is appropriate to bringback this video of installing wind turbines on the Queensboro Bridge above Roosevelt Island. I first spoke about this project back in January 2008 and the Roosevelt Islander found the above video and put it on line this past May 2008.

I love the concept of using wind power and the bridge seems a natural but again my concern is proximity to the Tram lines. Comments made on this blog at that time were concerns as the bridge was not designed to handle the additional stress of such turbines. But overall I applaud the Mayor for putting forth the call to explore this renewable energy source just as he has supported the Verdant water turbine project currently in test mode partially powering the local parking garage and supermarket.

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  1. We are a small wind turbine manufacturer with a 5kW vertical axis turbines (VAWT). Our Windbuster would take wind from any direction and power the Queensboro Bridge. We hope that the major will choose a VAWT turbine as it allows the most flexible capture of wind power. We would be very interested in working on this project.