Monday, August 11, 2008

MTA Unveils Variable Speed Escalators Today

I did not get the chance to commute through the Roosevelt Island subway station today to gauge reactions to the new variable speed escalators but I suspect most commuters did not notice as I am sure it was a rare instance during rush hour when the escalators would slow down to the 15 feet per second speed.

I am unsure what directions the escalators were running this morning but a street view of the escalators this weekend indicated that the escalators closest to the Manhattan elevator (ES 413) was turned off and the escalators closest to the token booth (ES 411) were running “up” from the lower mezzanines.

As of August 25th when four escalators in total will be turned off and blocked for construction ES 411 and ES 414 (closest to the token booth and Queens elevator) will be locked on an “up” position leaving only the stairs and elevators available for riders looking to descend to both the Queens and Manhattan / Brooklyn bound tracks.


Rick from the Roosevelt Islander happened to be heading through the station this morning and is quoted in a late afternoon NY Times piece regarding day one of Variable Speed escalators. Some of Rick’s comments were misquoted and the woman discussed was his mother-in-law not his mother. Ricks’s quote was referring to the on-going escalator problems we are having on the island not just the variable speed escalators.

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