Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Wedding at Southpoint Park

All I have to say is you have to go see these pictures by Jerry Yoon Photography of this wedding at Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park. I have never seen a personal event like this at Southpoint and I have to say if this is the first wedding at the site this couple did it right. they look amazingly happy and the groom is a lucky fellow as his bride looked radiant.

If pictures like this alone do not justify stopping the FDR Memorial from destroying the views I don't know what will. Can we convince RIOC that if it continues to rent out Southpoint Park for weddings perhaps they will see that the space is more valuable than any old FDR memorial can possibly be to the community? Of course if they actually take up this idea we would want to limit the number of dates the park is taken out of public use. If RIOC agrees then we can keep the land undeveloped in the manner most of us love today.

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