Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is Southpoint Park Ready for Neil Diamond?

The screening this Saturday night at Roosevelt Island’s Southpoint Park of the film “Song Sung Blue” is sponsored by Rooftop Films and so far they seem to be getting the word out pretty well. I have seen mention of the event on several websites including Gothamist among others and it appears the turn out will be pretty strong for this free event.

Place: Southpoint Park
8:00 pm for karaoke,
9:00 pm start for films (a short 4 minute film will precede the feature.)

The question is whether Southpoint Park is ready for the event? Certainly RIOC and the local PSD will be handling basic security and cleanup as agreed to when RIOC allowed the event to be booked. Southpoint Park annually hosts a July 4th fireworks viewing which is well attended and local security, the NYPD and the MTA beef up their presence here on the island.

The movie includes some strong content and language and may not be suitable for young children. As noted in my earlier post about the film the movie is a documentary about a local Milwaukee cover band “Lightning and Thunder.” Thunder is expected to be in attendance with two of her and Lightning's children

It is unknown how many Neil Diamond fans that did not secure tickets to his Madison Square Garden shows starting that same night will descend on Southpoint to see the movie. But the expectation is that a number of these fans will come to the island to take part in this event in addition to a number of subscribers to Rooftop’s mailing list.

Per the Rooftop Films website the event is being cosponsored by the IFC, New York Magazine and the Manhattan delegation of the NY City Council lead by Jessica Lappin.

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